How To Find Fast Loans In 48 Hours And Who Grants Them

How to find fast loans online 2017 and why choose them

Fast loans in 48 hours are products that allow you to request generally small sums of money, with the guarantee of a quick credit of the amount in question.

Fast online loans are very beneficial financing. Why choose them? Let’s start by remembering that these fast loans in 48 hours can be requested directly from the official website of the financial company or lender, saving time and avoiding going to the branch.

To complete the request, it is necessary to upload identity documents and income documents to the official website of the credit institution chosen.

Loans without online paychecks

Loans without online paychecks

Several credit companies, such as Astro Finance and Best bank, allow you to apply for fast loans in 48 hours even if you don’t have a paycheck.

This does not mean that those requesting the loan should not refer to any source of income, since if you do not have a paycheck, you can consider an old CUD or a UNIQUE model as a document certifying the receipt of an income in the case of exercising freelancer.

Depending on the profile of the individual applicant, the credit institution may request additional guarantees of solvency.

How 2017 exchange loans work

How 2017 exchange loans work

When we talk about fast loans in 48 hours we must necessarily frame the case of changed loans. What are they? As is clear from the name, these are loans that are based on the provision of bills.

Bills of exchange are executive securities that the holder of the loan contract has the right to convert into cash, as well as the possibility of continuing to claim a credit from the issuing entity.

Loans exchanged, characterized by a fixed rate for the entire duration of the repayment plan, are disbursed in a maximum of 48 hours and are not finalized, which is why it is not necessary to present a proof of the expenditure made with the amount of the bills.

The guarantees accepted

The guarantees accepted

Fast loans in 48 hours see changed loans as a very advantageous formula for accessing credit, especially if there is no way to present a paycheck or if it is reported in knowledge company as bad payers or protests.

To request them, however, it is necessary to present specific guarantees of solvency. Which ones are they? In the case of an applicant for an employee, the main guarantee is the severance indemnity requirement.

If, on the other hand, we speak of a freelancer or a person without a paycheck, the primary guarantee is the ownership of a life insurance policy for at least two years. The last case is that of the newly hired employee, who can only access a loan changed if he presents a third party guarantor to the credit institution.

We conclude by recalling that the exchanged loans, in the event of insolvency by the beneficiary, determine the recourse on the assets of the contract holder by the credit institution.

Pawn loan

Pawn loan

Another solution for those who are looking for fast loans in 48 hours is the lien on credit. In this case, in fact, the granting of credit takes place practically immediately. Pawn loans are in fact a form of financing in which the bureaucratic process is almost completely absent.

As can be seen from the name, to obtain a loan it is necessary to have a valuable asset that will be placed as collateral for the loan. In general, jewelery, gold, furs and works of art are accepted. The maximum amount payable is fixed on the basis of the market value of the asset that is committed.

The repayment of the credit takes place fairly quickly, usually the maximum limit set by the lenders is 12 months. In the event that the applicant fails to repay the loan, the collateral asset will be auctioned.

Due to its characteristics, the pledged loan is accessible to everyone, including those who are reported in the knowledge company database as bad payers and those who have suffered a protest. The only requirement to obtain credit is in fact the possession of a valuable object, and no income documents are required.